The Variables

Bitch, Capital B, Bitchelda, B

Formerly of Bitch and Animal (righteous babe) and appeared as herself in John Cameron Mitchell's "Shortbus" She has made 6 recoreds to date. Her last solo release, "Make This Break This" came out on Kill Rock Stars. Bitch is about to put out a record she producted with her folk hero Ferron. She camped out in her RV outside of Ferron's house to make it. She has just started her own record label, Short Story, whose first release is "B+TEC." an amzing ep they made in NYC.

Gabriel K

Was born in Anchorage, Alaska. He also plays in a band called The Stationary Set. He enjoys playing music very much. Thank You.

Lee Free

A Brooklyn native, Lee is a drummer who believes in the religion of rock. Lee also has a band called Inner Princess, is a member of Circus Amok, plays with the Electric Junk Yard Gamelan, is a lover of the high seas, and a humble student of the internal martial arts.

The three cousins share an obvious joy on stage

The Exciting Conclusion is a tale their famous activist Grandmother would tell them of a time in the future when all activist's work was done, when all sentient beings on the planet were allowed to live safe and free. This moment is the The Exciting Conclusion. Her husband, the trio's Grandfather, took the legend further, incorporating it into his own work, and made a famed Alaskan circus trick that would inevitably bring the audience to its feet.